12.28.2016 still in shock.


She your virgin, I your seasoned whore


You want to kiss those pouty lips

Those wide doe eyes without makeup

Sun-kissed skin

You want to squeeze those pointy breasts

Feel your fingers carry the weight of her full bosom

Squeeze your hard dick between her chunky buttcheeks

Her taking your essence in, letting out moans that sound like heavenly bells

Her silky hair tousled across her face and your chest


You want to inject your seeds into her perfect feminine roundness

Implant your genes and unite your and her lineages

You want her to carry your child and deliver him yourself

Cutting that cord, welcoming him into your godly perfect family


You want to give your child everything you didn’t have

Raise him to be an intelligent successful man

Breadwinning while your wife takes care of domestic duties


And what about me

Those were things I believed I was on the path toward doing

I primed myself to serve you for life

Take each other’s hand at the bedside until one of us dies.

Instead you remember to text me when she is busy

Copying and pasting messages to her onto our screen as you see fit

You conjure up phrases to utter to me today so I can soften up and let you in

Another second of climax, another moment of temporary amnesia where she doesn’t exist


And then you go back to your reality

While I was picturing myself in her place,

Were the gods and deities snickering behind clouds

“Woe is the stupidity of this being on earth”

Well I’ve been letting them gasp for air from laughing so hard

For the past nine months and counting


For I am just your little whore

With a decent vagina and pair of booty

But not good enough to be the trophy you would show off in town

And even me, you were seeking to replace with a more robust whore with superb techniques


When you walk down the aisle with your virgin queen

Just remember me, the little sacrificial sheep

Eyes slant but wide open, waiting for you to slaughter me

So I can bleed and die in bliss






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