Birthday sex.


It’s the eve before my birthday,

You lead me to the empty room, in your place of work

Committing our carnal sin


(…I am still ecstatic that you set this up all behind her back

It’s the little way that I can win

That turns my dreary days celebrative.)


You lock the door behind you,

Loosening your coat,

Peering at me with your usual calm

You request that I remove mine


Showing me the view outside from the tower

You are two feet away from me, waiting for your prey

I had no expectations, yet in every way prepared to be your prey


Sliding yourself behind me

You gently and firmly lock my body

Your hand gliding down my pant opening

I do not hesitate to let out an ecstatic sigh


Opening my bodysuit gussets,

Fully allowing you in,

Your agile fingertips strum across my clit,

My blood flows to my yoni

Pulling down your pants,

Your lingam exposed in the air,

I’ve become completely emptied,

Waiting for you to fill me


Your hard dick against my mound,

You seek out my cave

I do not let you struggle long

Elevating my heel so our ying and yang can mix


Moving in and out

Ever so slight yet so penetrative

I continue the heavy breathing

Trying hard to suppress my sounds


You glide into me from the front,

Then turn me around to enter me from behind

I’ve forgotten that I didn’t have much cake

Forming a curvature between my waist and buttocks,

(I am your little whore, forever)


Spinning me around again

You face me head-on

Your perfect sculpted face, and that astute nose

The silhouette glimmering in the dark

I do not hesitate to perfect my angle

So I can surrender my all to you.


Your lingam massaging my mound

Causing warmth and heat throughout my being

My canal so wet by now,

Just waiting for your manly stick to beat me into submission


But you choose to stop

As if if you keep going you would cum

Or get caught…I would not jeopardize you

But this feels so curtailed


I am waiting for you to finish,

Finish me and seize all of me away

So I can be liberated from my finite body

And merge with eternal you


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